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Prints & Finishes


Every order is bespoke

Every print we sell is handmade to order. We stand for producing beautifully executed and quality prints by being in control of the quality at every step of the process. From the image development and finishing, all the way down to the shipping and packaging. That’s why our Apollo prints are unrivalled. 

Printing process

We offer the prints in various sizes and finishes to suit everyone's needs and tastes. Because our photographs are higher in resolution than you can find anywhere else, it allows us to print XXL images at a professional quality.

Some people like to hang their prints in frames to match their house interior. Others want their prints finished with an Ultra High Definition plexiglas finish to really get the most out of their favourite Apollo image. Luckily we do both.

All of our prints and finishes are of museum and photography gallery quality, making these some of the best Apollo Program prints available today. They are developed through the Chromogenic process with a matt gloss finish on a professional Lambda printer, not the standard color printing onto photographic paper. 


Premium plexiglas finish

And then there's our most premium finish. Our aluminum plexiglas product is shipped ready to hang on the wall straight out of the box — no additional framing required. It’s based on the Lambda C-Print, but glued between plexiglas and an aluminum sandwich plate (Dibond) with a 2cm hanging profile on the back to mount on the wall.

This professional finish gives the image an extra dimension with brighter colors, optimal contrast and depth. Furthermore, our aluminum plexiglas prints are a sustainable product; lasting a lifetime under optimal circumstances.  

Want a custom print?

There’s no middlemen or big corporate running the show here. We are four space enthusiasts with a love for space photography. One day we decided to make the – now bestselling – Apollo photography book 'Apollo VII-XVII'. We’re still that small independent team with big dreams who are now running the Apollo Photo Prints venture. Because of this, we can offer a unique and bespoke service. We can help create custom and unique images for you if you can't find your favourite image in the shop, or would like a specific print size made. Talk with us directly for any requests or questions you may have.