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Our story

A couple of years before bringing Apollo to your home in the form of beautiful prints, four space and photography enthusiasts from Amsterdam (NL) came together to make a book about man’s first missions to the Moon: ‘Apollo VII–XVII’.

We figured that the Apollo astronauts are generally hailed for being some of the greatest scientists, adventurers, explorers and heroes, but rarely are they portrayed as some of the most significant photographers of all time. That’s why we decided to make a beautifully printed large format photography book showcasing stunning photographs taken by the Apollo Astronauts.


Top Shot Apollo Book

Using the latest technology available, it were the scans from the original film that we painstakingly restored to reveal its original vivid colors, brushing out the space dust left on the lenses and restoring the scratches made on the film caused by the extreme conditions the photographers – The Apollo astronauts – had to work under.

The extensive restoration and color grading process of over 200 photographs from the archive took almost a year, meticulously restoring the images to their former glory. The result is a large number of never before seen Apollo photographs. The detail, brilliant colour and quality in print is unrivalled.


Before After

When restoring these photographs, it dawned on us that these pictures shouldn’t just belong incased in a beautifully bound coffee table book, but should also be presented hanging proudly on your wall. With Apollo Photo Prints we're making the highest quality Apollo imagery available to anyone, anywhere in the world.